Memetic Addiction

Do your belief-systems serve you or do you serve them?

That quote comes from someone, somewhere, (lost in the mists of time) talking about The Landmark Forum, a spinnoff of EST… what is generically known as a Western Therapy Cult.

It works, it’s a mind-virus that propagates by a specific series of techniques… every-inch an exercise in brainwashing. I did it once, and it did me an enormous amount of good, but it’s still brainwashing. As a participant, you’re not in control. Absolutely an exercise in memetics, and very controlled and controlling.

Still… that aside, when I re-read the thing I wrote the other day and saw the bit where are four different font-styles, I thought “oh oh”… because I recognised something that I hadn’t quite figured out yet. Multiple font-styles are a dead giveaway for memetic addiction.

People usually so affected always seem to center-align everything, quite often write on black backgrounds and really really really like RANDOMLY capitalising THINGS… then use bigger and bigger font-sizes, changing colours etc as emphasis is piled upon emphasis as each new thought (which is more important than the last) shouts in competition with the others.

Oh, and they’re incredibly talkative.

More often than not they’re to do with “mind powers“, or conspiracy theories – if you google “UFO CONSPIRACIES” you’ll come across some absolute classics. There often seems to be tie-ins with self-published books or videos (which are for sales) and if you search for documentaries on google, about 1/2 of them will be from meme-addicts.

Anyway, this was set off by this… which is another utter classic.

(edit : the link above has been down for most of the day… and now seems to have morphed into a rather (more) sober looking Unix group)

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  1. rapella says:

    Typefaces tire faces
    and frankly,
    meme-addicts mime me into mimetism.

    Old blighty awaits the taylor.

  2. Rather than those topics being related to meme-addicts, I think the capitalization and the loud fonts, etc. come out of a need to make sure the message is communicated when the speaker isn’t articulate enough to say it quietly and simply. Maybe they feel like they have to shout to have it come across. They care too much to be heard. And so, the topics you see that noisy style used on would be appealing to those who would feel disenfranchised in life.

    Maybe memes in general attract the dim-witted or the simpleton in us all? It’s also partly “vibrational” and involves the subjectiveness of taste.

    My theory about it.

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