Million Points of Light

This is cool

Ocean of Light: Surface at Kinetica 2010 from squidsoup on Vimeo.

Cube of intereactive LED stars.

Now… check out the diagonal / diamond patterns at around .45…

… then check out this guy:

He rings loads of bells in the “bad science” warning list, but god-damn he’s convincing. He’s probably the best of these that I’ve ever seen – in the same vein as John Dee – a species of memetic addiction


Where people notice a pattern, then go deeper and deeper and deeper, thinking that they’re getting to closer to some eternal truth, but really they’re just in a recursive set of patterns – and there is no bottom… just infinite detail. Marko Rodin has been smart enough to contain the recursion by turning the whole thing into a mobius-like toriod… but it’s still just recursion.

I’m pretty sure what is happening here is that he has discovered patterns that are inherent in “base” numbering systems – with the focus on base 10. Really, the patterns are like the ones you see in dots on the ceiling… or the lights in the video (@ .45) above. They don’t “mean” anything. They’re just patterns.

He’s good though – very forceful – in one of these videos he’s like ALL the characters at the end of Apocalypse Now rolled into one (you can’t go into space… with fractions)… and hell, he might be right… it’s just that he does ring a lot of the bad-science warning-bells…

There are hell of a lot of Rodin Coils on youtube though. Brilliant. I love this stuff