It started quite some time ago…

There was this one time, I was hanging out in street bar/cafe in Brighton, UK, eavesdropping on the conversation of this very well put together young gent – who was massively, infectiously enthusiastic about Dr Who Fan Fiction (this was before fan fiction had really become a thing)… saying that people were making their own episodes, and some of them were really good.

I think he might have worked for Dr Who actually. May actually have BEEN Dr Who. Don’t know. Who can honestly say they do any more? Not me, that’s who. And I’m beyond caring.

I was kindof impressed though… the wide-eyed passion I guess. I decided that’s what I was going to be like. Shortly after that, I started this blog. This is the first post

It’s gone through a series of phases.

It started out being about cognitive-surplus, and what people were doing with it. I could tell that something was afoot, but didn’t really know what. Web 2.0 had been around for a while, the maker-movement was just starting up, and the end of the world was nigh. Still is. Even more so.

After a couple of years, I realised that what I was really interested in, was what came to be known as the “The 2nd Gutenberg Shift”. The parallels between the fallout from the printing press, and the fallout from the internet were clear and obvious – and revolution was in the air, so why not.

Since then, everything has sped up. Entropy would appear to have something equal but opposite going on.

So now I’m interested in The Inflorescence – the Technological Bloom.

Something is going on… so what I’m doing now, is trying to notice what it is.

Me personally… Nick Taylor (). Currently living in NZ, am also British/EU.

Workwise, I program computers, and sell Golden Mean Calipers… and anything else I can think of that is laser-cuttable. Make guitars. Opine about films… though I stopped doing that one years ago. Am on Twitter.

I’m the guy driving. Once a ratbag, always a ratbag.

This is Catsby, my only friend

This is my Dad teaching him to use a scratching post when he was little. Catsby I mean. My dad has always been that size, more or less.

This is my Mum, watching Coronation Street

So there you go – I’m writing this from a motel in Paraparam (as I still insist on calling it)… cars hissing by my window, like the waves down on the beach.

Am a digital gypsy. Little ever changes.

(Everything I do is public-domain. No copy-monopoly expected, or recognised)