Neo-Paleofuristic Architecture

A really interesting branch in this genre of design… of things that are made to be as futuristic as possible, but which will never be made and who’s only real value is that in a decade or two’s time, they will become collector’s items in their own right… and people will say “how quaint, how hip and groovy, we were so naive then, we were so young”

There have been a couple of real crackers show up recently:





This of course is nothing new (and how could it be?) The true master of this art is one Jacque Fresco who’s Venus Project is an err… “A bold new direction for humanity that entails no less than the total redesign of our culture.”, which is cool… and who’s architecture is spot on – it gets that whole 60s futurism thing down to a t.




And who’s ideas do actually have some traction in various qtrs

Still, that’s not what the future looks like. It looks like one side of this line… and no prizes for guessing which


Personally, I think we need radical land-reform – probably planet-wide. Enough space to feed yourself should be a basic human right.

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