Another car that looks like a teapot

airpod (from)

And if Japanese Girls ruled the world, maybe it would be a far better place, and people other than Japanese Girls would drive these things… but alas, the Otaku of the Motoring World would literally rather die than be seen dead in one (in fact they’d rather die than be buried in one), so once again a rather impressive technology (compressed air… costs less than a quid to go 200k and can be refilled in minutes) is pissed up the wall by designers designing for other designers rather than the people who might actually buy the things, if they looked a bit more macho.

Which links in no way whatever to this rather impressive bit of neo-paleofuturism…

vertical farm

…”In the future, vertical coastal farms could use seawater to grow crops”. Yea, they could, but they fucking won’t… because in case you hadn’t noticed, the institutions that might conceivably fund such gravity-defying sky-castles are all going bust from… well, funding gravity-defying sky-castles. Still, this doesn’t stop the concept being passed from blog to blog like some sort of ephemeral fait-accompli.

Still, I don’t know if it’s art, but I like it… mainly because it does look a hell of a lot like The Venus Project guy’s amazing designs where the future is permanently stuck in the 70s. Or something.


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  1. Saurabh says:

    Amazing Designs!!