Shiny Art

I’ve decided to start doing art again – although to be fair, I never really stopped, I just slowed down, and went off on a tangent. Actually I kindof started on a tangent. I never really knew what I was doing… but now I sortof do I think.

Sometimes (if you’re really off your tits) when you talk to the face of the deep, it replies. And the answer to the question “?” was “Do it for Art”.

So maybe I’ll do that for a bit. I’m not going to argue with The Face of The Deep man… and besides, I’m so bored I’m starting to see double.

I think Art and Magic are the same thing – and I’m not alone in that. They converge on attempting to manipulate the matrix… the underlying neural creode-plex. So what do you paint? You paint how you want to feel. Leave hell to the damned. Paint heaven. It’s better for the soul. So I’ll try to do that, but probably just do what I’m told to.

So apropos of that, here’s a bunch of art that’s been gradually accumulating the tab-stack. I won’t do anything that looks like this… but I like the level of random.

lens art

Giant Crystal Lens

lens art2

Good to see priests doing something a bit radical. If priests were a bit radical, and actually on our side, and if they pursued and promoted experienciality rather than dogma and doctrine, everyone would support them. Only they don’t. It’d be good to have a class of people who’s job it was to negotiate the maelstrom to come… but it’s not going to be priests, because they don’t take drugs. All their stuff is just made up stories.

Still, there it is.

AMAZING WHIRLY THINGS (there are loads of them)

I particularly like the mirror matrix that sends little butterflies of light zooming round the garden. You could use it to talk, or set fire to things from a distance… which I imagine feels a bit like god must feel, when he’s a thousand mirrors, all flickering and dancing and occasionally acting together to set fire to stuff.




I can’t tell if they’re CGI or not – I don’t think they are… the people look like the ghosts edited into architectural plans… so beloved of the New Aesthetic thing… which may have run its course by now, if it ever existed at all. Maybe it was just one guy. Hard to say. I wasn’t really paying attention at the time, and am not (to be fair) really paying attention now.


Okay – confession: I haven’t actually looked at this one at all, so I don’t know what it is, or if it’s any good. A surprise then.

The Chime performs “I Can’t Tell If You’re Coming Or Going” between Lakeshore Blvd. and Lake Ontario in the Morning in Dm from Marc De Pape on Vimeo.


This one isn’t really art… which is to say, “art” isn’t its original context, but I’ve transplanted it, and called it art. So that’s what it is now. I’m really into the backwaters of anthropomorphism. Machines that Self-Doubt. Shy Fountains


Not art either. Still… Brrr….



Which unfortunately looks like it’s in the sort of bar that arseholes like to hang out in. Dancing Smoothies. You know the type. Progress Bar is a good name for a geek bar though. The Brighton Geeks were going to call their bar thing that at one point.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a video of this somewhere, but danged if I can find it now.

In future all clouds will be responsive. Everyone will have their own cloud, that follows them round, undermining them and filling them with fear and self-doubt etc… and the weird thing is, that people will actually pay for the privilege. People who don’t have these clouds will be ostracised, and basically not trusted etc by everyone else. People will also have wings, but they won’t work. They’re just there for decoration.


Horrible 3D Printed art, after the Baroque Fashion.

Digital Grotesque – 日本語 (Japanese) from Digital Grotesque on Vimeo.

Which ought to appeal to people (Like me) who have a fractal phobia. This is an example of what I was on about before re: Wealth and Taste… although it’s art for art’s sake, rather than trying to suck up to the wealthy, so is actually pretty cool. The video offers a glimpse into the generative process… which I’m a bit of a fan of as well.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Forgive the typos, I’m not going to check this. Or even read it I guess. All we are is dust in the wind dude. It’s perma-ephemerality. Anyway, my laptop’s nearly out of batteries.