Shy Fountain

Ok, this isn’t about a shy fountain… but it reminds me of a shy fountain:

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It’s a (proposed) bio-luminescent water-quality monitor… it floats in the water and when the water is clean, it glows radioactive-green, and when the water is not so clean, it glows blood-on-the-carpet red.

It’s a self-contained system – makes its own energy etc, and if deployed in certain areas of the world would allow us to see our pollution (or purity) from space. It doesn’t count itself as pollution obviously.

Neat idea – in fact the whole site is filled with neat ideas… the research products on the right…


A Shy Fountain by Simon Faithfull who (as far as I can gather) has actually made one. It’s a fountain that lives in a lake with movement censors… so it only plays when no one is watching. As soon as someone comes along, it stops.