Circuit Diagram Art


This stuff is excellent.

Although it’s supposed to be an experiment in putting together electronics without using traditional components… I think it works really well as art.


(that’s a piano)

And there’s A LOT of it… with recipes for how to do it.

I’ve been tinkering with putting together electronics for the last couple of months – and a serious weak-link is how to solder the various bits together. I’m using through-hold bread-board type things, but it’s kindof ugly, dogs-breakfasty and the sort of thing you’d want to hide away. This stuff is made to be seen.


May not impress audiophiles… but it impresses me :)

Bigger paper speaker from Jess Rowland


(if you click “images” at the bottom of that page, there are some quite wild and wonderful examples)

I like the simple stuff though I think:


That one is a flexible circuit mounted on cloth.

It’s worth looking at the MIT site though – there are about a million different examples to explore… loads of things from speakers made out of seashells to thermo-chromic ink.

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  1. Absolutely fascinating. The top one is my favorite. And the second one is like a modern cargo cult icon!! so cool.