3D Printed Records

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Full circle, after a fashion.

I read somewhere that theoretically you could reproduce the sounds of Ethiopian 1000 BC village life, by interpreting the “wobbles” on clay pots, thrown on potter’s wheels.

Similar sound-quality to this I imagine… which is similar to the very first wax tumblers. This is off a $250,000 printer though – Objet Connex500… not exactly a hobbyist machine. I’m guessing it will be a year or 5 before sub $2000 can do 600dpi (42 microns xy, 16 z). As far as I’m aware, hobbyist machines are currently clocking in at about 100 microns. I’m not sure if there’s a Moore’s Law attached to printer resolution. I guess there is. 5 Years then. The “it will happen, but I don’t know when” event-horizon.

So there you go – the world’s least efficient digital to analogue converter.

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  1. roid says:

    The open-source B9creator stereolithography 3d printer you talked about in May this year, has a resolution of 50-100 microns xy & 10-100 z. That’s not far off the Objet Connex500 specs at all, and it’s sub $2500.

  2. Nick Taylor says:

    Yea – it was the B9creator that I looked up to find the 100 micron number. I didn’t realise it went down to 50.

    This time next year then :)