Microcopter Swarm

So many other people have gone on about this already that it seems kindof redundant… still, as I appear to be charting the progress of these things, here it is.

It’s like space-invaders come to life.

I’d be interested to know whether they’re truly autonomous, or whether they’re being controlled by the room – there seems to be a fair few sensors round the walls… which would suggest to me that this isn’t true swarm behaviour… it’s more like a multi-bodied single organism. Like The Borg.

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  1. Way to freak me out. Of course they’ve made these. Of course they have. Sigh.

  2. admin says:

    There’s a way to go yet :)

    Although they look like distinct entities, they’ve got a single brain, and I don’t think it’s an AI.

    Still…. quite funny or ironic or whatever that not only are “Asimovs laws of robotics” NOT being followed, but their diametric opposite is a big part of what is driving this stuff.

    Airplanes made out of wood an canvas are still a living memory. To start with they were only used for reconnaissance… then for minor bombing… then they started shooting at each other. All in the space of about 3 years. We’ve been here before… and it will be a… “milestone” of sorts, when the first anti-drone drone takes to the air.

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