Cat Brushing Robot

Don’t know why, but this reminds me of the moon-landing. Something to do with frustration I think.

Fairly cool… “Avatar”, they call it – which is (heaven forfend) what it is. It’s a robot being controlled remotely via kinnect.

All the elements are in place, they’re just not terribly streamlined right now… but think on… imagine the possibilities of this process being very very streamlined… you wouldn’t have to be human for example. You wouldn’t have to be “there”. True, really, really big might be useful (in a slash and burn sort of way) but really, really small is probably where its headed. Personally I’m looking forward to back-yard safaris, where you get to fight spiders bigger than you are. Not that I’ve got anything against spiders mind. I’m just terrified of them.

Anyway, the cat seems compliant enough – probably quite heavily sedated etc… but the way its tail goes “flip, flip” generally means trouble. My cat wouldn’t put up with this. He’d go mental.






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  1. Your kitty is (not only gorgeous) he’s a lot like yourself, independent, radical, spontaneous, hedonistic, smart, and best not to piss off. ^..^

  2. Nick Taylor says:

    Yea, he’s a bad cat. He somehow managed to pull over a massive apple-tree in the driveway… and cliche of cliches, he’s a terrible knitting-hunter as well. He waits until its asleep.

  3. I Googled “knitting hunter” as I didn’t know what one was. And there are some. Still don’t know what though.