Lethal Loitering Munition

Erm… what the fuck is that music? It sounds like 1950s propaganda music, or the theme from Lassie or something. It sounds… like something from the past, and by that I mean a past that we really should have learned from, and clearly someone, somewhere hasn’t.

Are you really sure you want to get into this? Really? Low-tech/high-tech militarised robotics? Because what this is, is a radical lowering of the bar… think of it as aerial-propelled IEDs. The technology here is not a whole lot different to what you can find in your average smartphone.

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  1. Patrick says:

    My first thought was “A cheap, dumb version of Project Thor”. My second was “An aerial version of Metal Storm’s area denial landmine replacement system”.

    Then I thought anyone with a bomb, a camera and a remote control plane could do this. I suppose the way to combat it would be to have some kind of jamming system, although you would then be left with ballistic bombs as opposed to guided…

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