Escape Pods


So apparently in Japan you can get these anti-disaster escape pods, which seems like a good idea. I think aeroplanes should be filled with these things… but longer, so you can stretch out properly. That way a) you don’t have to sit next to anyone, b) there’s scope for some sort of emmersive entertainment a bit like Caprica or whatever and c) when your plane crashes into the sea, they’d all float about etc and you could sit there waiting while the rescue people come.

They’re a bit like zorbs I guess. Hard zorbs – like Godzilla M&Ms . I wonder if you could go over Niagra falls in one? Probably a bad idea.

Anyway – according the site where this comes from, these things are designed for 4 people. Are you shitting me? It hardly looks as though there’s room for one. What if someone farts? Or there’s a fight? A fart-fight? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Anyway, I looked a bit further and found this…


So there’s a bit more room than I’d initially thought. Is that a pole-dancing pole? That’s a bit weird. Is it? Hard to say. Possibly not for some people, but it’d be weird for me.

Anyway, fantastic idea – but it’s missing one vitally important… tangent, or component or… thing… and what it is, is… these things need to be useful in all the times where there isn’t a disaster going on. Needs to be a game-pod or something – because otherwise it’s just taking up space (and sphere’s don’t tessellate) and touching wood and everything, disasters are fairly rare.

Cool though. I’d get one – if it was a game-pod… and I’d already got my solar-panels, and all the other components of my post-apocalyptic survival-kit… and that’s the other problemette with this thing of course – it’s a solution to the last problem, not the really, really predictable next ones.

Touching wood, as I say. Turn it into a games-pod.

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  1. Back in the 60’s these kinds of escape pods were designed as large inflatable clear plastic balls that you could locomote by running along the inside edge like a hamster.

    Probably wouldn’t taste as good to Godzilla however.


  2. Except for the chewy center.

    Also–your pole dancing in there makes it a defacto games pod, d’uh.