DIY UAV Steadicam Thing

This is pretty cool

From DIY Drones, the founding dude of which is now one of the Ponoko Advisory board people?


Being the roll-only stabiliser version, the one below being two-axis


The previous post had a quadracopter balancing a tall pole with a ball on the end of it… while doing vaguely acrobatic stuff… I think it all turns on this – feedback-loops between servos (or whatever) and sensors. I really ought to start playing with this stuff myself, but I want to use one of these…


… just go straight to using a full-blown computer (with the brain the size of a planet) to do simple electronic tasks… because I’m too lasy to learn how to do things with arduinos and such. I’ve actually got one as well. I should stop pranneting about and give it another go I guess. I need to make myself a little project that is specifically to do with fitting a genetic algorithm between a sensor and an actuator. I know how to write them… just never really had a reason to. The only thing I can think of right now is helio-sensitive sensitive/tracking mirror matrix… which is a little more doable now that Ponoko does mirrored acrylic.

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  1. Patrick says:

    If you do decide to do a tracking mirror array you might want to get in touch with these guys

    so they can tag it on.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen their project but in the last 3 months it has really started to move along.

  2. Nick Taylor says:

    Yea – I’ve been keeping 1/2 an eye on the open-farm thing for a while. It’d be quite good to have an urban-version (once the rural one gets underway)… not that urban can (probably) be off-grid… but I’m envisaging something like a solid square-meter of stuff that people can unpack and set-up in an urban environment to take themselves off-grid. Can’t be that hard, surely.