Inflatable, Modular, Geodesics



This is cool because anything Geodesic is automatically cool, as is anything modular… inflatable? Often cool. Not always. In this case cool as well though.

Interesting website. It’s actually the worst website in the world, only it looks deliberate – like wry German Geocities-punk. Utterly dreadful – and there’s a reason why information is presented in certain ways… why the web has evolved etc. Breaking that for ironic stylistic reasons will render your information obscure. That’s the price.

Still – whatever. Inflatable domes. Fucking brilliant.



Mind you, I can imagine them becoming mind-bogglingly hot – each one is like a little solar-oven (or like, a solar-still). You’d have to make them out of that mirrored stuff that cardboard wine-casks are made out of. But you could have windows! And as they’re modular, open windows! Or mosquito screens. You could make versions that are mirrored on the inside, making giant parabolic solar things. You could use them in floods.

The thing about this stuff is that you could drop bales of them out of the back of aeroplanes over disaster-zones. When you’re done (or if arseholes with guns make you move on), you deflate them and pack them away.

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