Ghosts of Google’s Past


Right. So I was wrong about that one. Totally pie-in-face, arse-backwards wrong.

Kindof. The thing that I thought Wave was going to do is now being done by disQus and the echo-comment lot… although the echo thing is a paid service, so like… whatever. It’s good though – it allows you to comment from any system and have your comment appear on any system – disqus do the same, but (I don’t think) cover as many bases.

Still, the major promise that Wave had was that it’s a distributed system – ie: if one server goes down (or is closed down by the evil-empire), you don’t lose the whole thing. That’s the promise of Diaspora – the ability to get rid of centralised control. Single points of failure.

So it’s quite interesting that Google have given Wave to The Apache Foundation – they’ve open-sourced it… and in a way, this was never really going to become interesting until it was open-sourced.

Mind you, I’d say that about anything. Nothing ever becomes interesting until it’s open-sourced.

Here’s a massive picture of a guy’s mouse-clicks on Reddit

It looks like scribble, but it’s not, it’s art. Click on it for a big version.