Another Holy Crap moment, courtesy of Google

So much will have been written about this in the time that it takes to write this sentence it’s hardly worth bothering – to dog-paddle amid the tsunamis of hype…

… but in case you hadn’t heard, and because the purpose of this here web-address is to keep track of things, Google started talking about Wave today.

(complete guide here)

It’s one of those things that deals with such basic interactions, that the full effects of it aren’t that predictable – the real-time collaboration on the same page for example.

In a nutshell though, it makes any conversation (be it via email, blog comments, etc) into an embeddable object. The ramifications of that are huge. Conversation on the web at the moment is a mess. Everything’s everywhere – if this takes off – and I suspect it will, because the viral aspects of it are Skype-like, then it will not only create and destroy whole rafts of businesses overnight, it could well wind up changing the way we interact with each other.

If it does link your email identity to your comments-on-blogs identity… then every comment you leave on every participating service will be traceable back to you – all your comments will become a single body of work. It may well lessen the anonymous arsehole factor – which is a shame, because I rather enjoy being an arsehole sometimes, still, there you go.

Google (and in fact the entire internet) is, as far as I can gather, not a million miles-away from being a giant artificial intelligence machine. Possibly the greatest ramifications of this are in this area – if so, what does it mean? Far, far smarter linking between conversations I think. The Universal Mind may be about to have an IQ leap.

If it catches on, and I think it will. I think this will be a bit of a game-changer.

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  1. I hadn’t heard, actually. Thank you. I’ve always thought of my blog comments throughout the web for years to be trackable as a whole, even before it was. But then again, I always thought my every action and thought was trackable as a whole by “someone” long before the internet was invented. I suppose in a spiritual reality sense it is. Google is only four letters off from God after all.

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