A Load of Flying Things

Ok, this one isn’t a flying thing. It’s Intel’s mind-control project.


Which can apparently understand 1000 words, all nouns.

Well that’s not going to fucking work is it? I only think in adjectives…. but like, what we really need is verbs. Verbs like “wake up”, “attack”, “kill”, “run away” etc. I’m including this here, because mind-controlled flying things is one of my fav concepts. So there it is.

Anyway – this turned up the other day…

Another flying camera thing – this looks pretty cool, because it uses a proper dslr camera, which are now movie capable… and because in the video the shutter speed makes it looks as though the propellers are laconically flipping about rather than doing the usual screaming whine etc. Looks like quite a small critter as well.

Then there’s this one that that can cling to trees etc, which is probably useful for search and rescue or something.

Alternatively you could fly it over the house of a <insert name of major banking institution CEO> and fire a curare tipped dart into his brain as he walks past… especially as the “clinging” mechanism is actually more like “biting”. With a pair of curare-tipped mandibles. Mind you, the Russians were apparently into that sort of thing (except with poisoned umbrellas) for years, and it didn’t stop them from going into Afghanistan and bankrupting their not-insubstantial empire, so maybe there are better things to do with little planes that can cling to walls and trees and such. Emergency wifi-webs maybe. Self-organising wifi webs. Self-organising zigby webs.

And finally – some people who have made a solar-powered plane, which is cool… and a video that makes them look like a bunch of advertising-arseholes “expressing themselves” on their day off, by showing how clever they are by making another fucking advert that looks like a blockbuster movie advert… which isn’t:

Christ, that video is like “Essence of Tosser”. A perfectly crafted distillate of everything I fucking hate about what passes for “cinema” or branding or whatever it is these days.

Is it illegal to embed a youtube video then mercilessly slag it off? I mean it’s not really in the spirit of things is it?

But you know – I’m really interested in stuff that annoys the shit out of me… so there it is.