Look at me Mr Moreland, I’m a bird!

My brother accidently gave himself one of these for christmas…

A little baby planelet, which was actually fairly big, but dead simple and as cheap as chips albeit fairly expensive chips. It’s radio controlled etc. He was telling me about this guy he knows who put a gyroscope on his baseball cap and coupled it to a little camera on the plane so you can look around while you’re up there. You can look down and see yourself flying etc. Marvellous.

So that’s what I want for christmas (and not socks). I want one of those planes, with a camera like this on it:
via gizmag

Yes – it is bi-focal or whatever you call it. Stereoscopic… whatever, it has depth-perception because you use it with glasses like these:

via gizmag

And controlled with one of these. Mounted on some sort of hat so the camera follows your head movements. It would be better to get some sort of eyeball tracking thing, but I haven’t really looked into how to do that.

This would be mounted on one of these:

Which is a mind contol device which (by the looks) you could use to control a plane a hell of a lot easier than those knob things that RC planes usually have.

So there you go. That’s what I want. One of those… then just give me a way of crapping on cars and I’d be the happiest guy in the world.

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