Link Latte #13

I am so tired I can feel my neurons unraveling, and there’s nothing I can do about it, even if I did care, which I don’t because I’m so tired and my neurons have unraveled, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

So I just sit here. Gob agape.

I bought one of these off ebay a couple of minutes ago, because that’s the kind of guy I am


Anyway, enough about me. How’s the 2nd Gutenberg shift coming along?

1) Virtual Choir

It’s all vowels. There’s a pretty blonde one etc.

2) Balancing on a Ball Robot

Because who can honestly say they’ve never needed one of those? There’s a whole load of them over here. Seems to be a “thing to do” a bit like solving a rubiks cube.

There’ this other one over here that folds tea-towels or whatever… and while you might think this is useful… To be honest, I haven’t spent a lot of time folding tea-towels either.

I think this whole robotics thing is incredibly cool – the amount of energy and imagination going into something that we still don’t really know… well… what it’s “for” really… because I can tell you this Possums, it’s not “for” folding tea-towels or ball-balancing

3) A bit more about repraps.

Something turned up recently where someone had 3d-printed a dremel holder for their makerbot.


Personally I think this is a fairly crucial capability of repraps – the ability to make their own tools. It’s got this nice kind of “meta” vibe, that you instinctively know is right. There was a similar (or not) thing recently as well where someone had turned their 2D printer into a drawer.

My Brother was telling me the other day that modern high-end CNC machines could probably already make themselves. They already have tool carousels – and their chucks operate by heating up the receiver so it expands… and then it cools over the drill-bit etc, holding it really tight.

But the point of repraps is for everyone to be able to afford one – they’re a physical meme. Personally I can’t see them really taking off until they can do dremeling and possibly laser-cutting as well. I would get one at that point. I like the design of this though… it just kindof “looks right”. Maybe because it isn’t all cluttered up with wires and such.
But more likely that it has transparent bits, and transparent bits are cool.

4) Contemporary Urban Living Spaces for Chickens


For people who have hipster chickens. For people who have chickens who have better taste than they have themselves.


You can also get holy places for smaller birds to hang out it


Christians, Muslims, living together.

Which is cool, but possibly not as impressive as the Seed Cathedral from the Big Picture, documenting the globalised Field of the Cloth of Gold that is 2010 World Expo


each one of those 60,000 rods is tipped with some seeds.


It would be cool if it came to life. It would be cool if it came to life and ate one of the other exhibits.

5) Isn’t Virtual Reality great? It’s just like reality, but you wear a hat

Anyway, it only goes up to 5 this week because I’m tired and lazy etc. It’s a bad combination. Worse than smoking dope. I want sushi.

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  1. Great stuff here, Nick. That seed pavilion is quel qool.