Art grows best in the cracks of what you’re not allowed to do. Always has.

But never mind about that, this turned up last night…

Which is the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life and I literally asphyxiated with hilarity and passed out and died etc.

Fucking genius.

A Finnish guy taking the piss – and he’s quite famous, has been on mainstream US TV… So I’m pretty
late on the uptake. There must be more people than just him doing this now. There are loads and loads of them.

See, you don’t have to pay people to take the piss out of them…

… and it makes it even funnier that Led Zepplin’s Record company in an entirely predictable fit of idiocy decided that they were going to use the DMCA (a bogus piece of legislation) or Youtube’s “censor at corporate whim, ask questions later” policy (a bogus policy) to remove not only their artist’s material, but all material that used similar melodies, including Led Zep’s, who’s melodies weren’t actually theirs in the first place a lot of the time, a fact to which they’re happy to attest, being resonable human beings…

… and not the fucking bent lawyers that their record company decides to hire.

There are loads of them – and a lot of them are pretty clever. Like that last one does actually manage to get Stevie Ray Vaugn’s guitar sound kindof right.

Clever as fuck. Funny as fuck – a lot of them seem to have been seen more than the original tracks as well. LOL.

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