Being Mean to Bugs

A week or two ago everyone was going on about this

Some former Microsoft person (or a “Clippy” as ex-MS people are popularly known) invented a laserbeam to shoot the wings of mosquitoes.

And then a bit later this also turned up


Which is a thing where people have grafted chips onto the backs of cockroaches so they can be remote-controlled and made to look for radiation or do search and rescue or whatever.

Now I’ve been predicting this for a while – because the engineering that goes into these critters is frankly incredible. It’s probably easier to hijack their brains than it is to build them from scratch, not that that would be easy either… but… you get the picture.

But um… is it me, or is this some fucked up shit?

I mean maybe that mosquito didn’t want its wings burned off. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was killed outright, but burning its wings off? That’s cruel… and like, what have mosquitoes or roaches ever done you man? Apart from spread disease that kills millions of people… but we shouldn’t be killing mosquitoes get rid of malaria, we should be curing them. So they don’t carry it any more.

No. Enough. Enough of this carnage. If aliens came down and did this sort of thing to us we’d have a conniption. It would be worse than 9/11. I say let our tiny 6-legged brethren be. Unless they attack us, then fuckem. All bets are off.

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