The Mirrored Halls of the Neo Alchemists

O how I love this sort of thing:


Irish Perpetual Motion Machine company Steorm, have (after 6 years) released a video or something of their miracle-working device. There’s even a live feed here, where you can actually see it working, so that proves it works.

If I was a gazzlionaire, instead of buying a ferrari or whatever, I’d set up a perpetual motion machine museum… and I think I’d set it up in Prague, because I like Prague – and in Prague there’s a street where all the alchemists used to live – Golden Lane.


I go there every time I go there, apart from the last time I went there… because there were SO MANY PEOPLE that they actually had bouncers etc to stop people being crushed. They were charging people to get in as well. It’s a license to print money.

Anyway – the photo above is cool (click on it for the big one) because all the houses are in the shade except one which has received the beneficence of The Lord who is called APOLLO, who was born on a floating island, surrounded by swans.

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  1. Char–Ming! And it looks as though they’ve hired the same contractor as Halfland.