I want to live in a UFO

This is cool

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No matter what it was, this would be cool. It could be anything – cellphone… a spaceship… some sort of lava-lamp… cool. It would even be cool if it was some sort of “intelligent” sex toy solution with an intermittent wiring fault which caused it to cut out at the crucial moment – just when you’d had a massive hit of amyl. Even then it would be cool.

But it’s none of these. It’s a house, and someone’s actually made it.


Faantastic. I want to live in a UFO – preferably a flying one – otherwise it’s just a UO – but in this case a UO would do.


Mind you – this one seems to be covered by what looks (from a distance) like bin-bags half-filled with old socks and such… But which on closer inspection are scaly things.


I’m not sure about scaly things – I’ve had experience with these things before – and the problem with them is, you spend the rest of your life trying to clean bird crap off them, because the little spaces etc behind each one, are ideal places for birds to live, especially pigeons. And pigeons crap a lot. Believe you me.

I imagine the scaly bits are for privacy etc – but again it’s a bit of an own-goal… because pigeons would nest on the inside of them, and would be watching your every move… your every move.

The bloke who designed this building also made this, which is also cool



Which is excellent as well. I don’t care what it is. Whatever it is I want one.

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  1. Inflatable? And I like my pigeons. They add a wonderful natural-world element to my urban dwelling. coo.