Teapot Cars : How they happen


Here’s an interesting look into the thinking that creates the innumerable number of electric teapot cars that designers seem hell-bent on designing.

You know what’s coming almost immediately… as soon as you read “we set out to design a concept car in search of an optimistic new future”, you know… “Oh great. It’s going to look like a teapot”.

There are so many of these that I’ve made an entire category for them – but it’s interesting to see the work… the thinking that goes into designing something that more or less misses the entire point of cars – designed by people who really don’t understand what they’re about. They don’t understand sex. They don’t understand romance… and they don’t understand that cars are really all about both, even though the reality is 1000 miles away.

And it’s not about looking out the side, it’s about looking out the front.

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  1. Ah, but, what if “the future” has no sex or romance or other animalistic attributes? No more patches of hair in odd places, no more food/waste, just aerosol nutritive spray administration that generates sufficient sustenance to fuel the vestigial flesh body so that it can sit upright in the above teapot. See, now it all makes sense.