Mechanical Media Surfaces

Building Skins.


from dailytonic and architonic.

Which caught my eye largely on account of having lots of shiny pictures etc


But which is quite a neat idea… especially as (apparently) in California, the amount of electricity saved by painting rooves white would be more than that saved by putting solar-panels on them. “Living Skin” on buildings could be quite useful for smaller buildings… a type of reflective air-conditioning.

The other thing of course… and this is an idea that the designers of themselves will be kicking themselves over… “it’s so obvious, why didn’t I think of that?” etc…

… you could put mirrors on a building and turn the whole thing into a giant fresnel lens… hooked up to a sensor on a tree outside so whenever if finds itself becoming a) warm, b) wet, c) smelly… the building focuses the sun on the offending dog and reduces it to ashes before it has time to say “arf”, providing valuable nutrients for the tree.

It’s a win-win situation, unless you happen to be the dog etc.

Seriously though – you could use it to incinerate litter, or burn chewing gum off pavements. It lasts for a million years you know, chewing-gum. Amazing. They should’ve made the pyramids out of it.

Still… this all reminds me of those wooden mirrors.

or variants therof

The Future is so here already… for some people. For the rest of us, the only way the future isn’t going to pass us by is if we make it ourselves… out of our own LEDs and things.

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  1. Adam Levine says:

    Hi. I was wondering about the building skin image that looks like sheets of triangles that are mechanically operated. Can you give me any more info on that project, or where you got that image? I would really appreciate it.