Aussie Yarnbombing

It seems almost a year ago that I went on about yarn-bombing… and I do fear that I’ve lost the thread somewhat. I need to regroup.

Later. Meantime, here’s a load of Yarn-bombing that’s happened in Sydney, Aus…





from and

That last one reminds me of these things that Australians put up on power-cables when work is going on nearby… I’d never seen them before… asked Simon what they were… “Those are Tiger Tails Mate”

Brilliant. Australian naming conventions are the best. Everything is absolutely literal… eg, when I live in Melbourne I used to live opposite this sausage shop owned by a woman named Sue. Name of shop? “Sue’s Sausages”.

How could it be anything else?

Anyway. Yarnbombing… I love the idea of high-adrenalin knitting. Brilliant.

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  1. jafabrit says:

    LOL, I like the name of Sue’s shop, nice and clear.
    I enjoyed looking at your photographs.