Chandeliers from The Future


Because who here can honestly say that they don’t want to live in a chandelier?

These students from “An Inconvenient Studio” which might be in Italy or America or somewhere, have gotten fed up with waiting, and made their own – which is CNC-fabbed, and has robotic, arduino-powered leafy things that move according to whatever the person underneath is doing – a bit like Ceiling Cat, but more aloof and non-judgemental.

This is from which also has this



The Flickr photostream that that came from also has this:


Which from a distance looks like a fan, but on closer inspection is some sort of giant wooden venus-flytrap robot that suddenly grabs people when they’re not expecting it, and makes them spill the large tray of drinks they were carrying etc.

I like that i.m.a.d.e site – it’s got the same 3 column layout that notcot has – similar to the way Opera interprets RSS which is almost always easier to read than the actual website that it’s linking to.

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  1. Thanks for the props! We are in the US (Muncie, Indiana, specifically) at Ball State University. And its all student work. Also, thanks for the kind remark about the website (its brand new)!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for doing some amazingly interesting stuff – I’d really like to do a course (dear God, I need to do something), but you’re about 20,000 miles away alas.

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