SSSD – Seriously Stupid Systems Design : Nuke Power

So the nuke shill-industry comes clanking into town again, like the moth-eaten circus of liars it is, advertising even more fantastic feats of economic gravity-defiance than they did the time before (to which our ministers nod, and sagely agree), and there are at least 5 good reasons why nukes are a terminally stupid idea, not the least of which are that despite all the claims for safety, the actual facts (you remember “facts”, folks) tell a slightly different story.

Recent Uk Nuke Fuckups

Recent Recent French Nuke Fuckups

Recent German Nuke Fuckups

In fact here is a whole blog cataloguing the cockups and lies from the nuke industry that the mainstream press fail to report

Idiots on the internet have been persuaded that because nuke is less carbon-crap than coal, that it’s somehow clean.

Still, never mind about that, check out this from Amory Lovins:

Which brings me to the reason relevant to this blog as to why Nuke is a bad idea.

It’s seriously stupid systems-design. In five years time when renewable technology improves (as it is already doing, continuously), with a decentralised modular system, you can just swap in another unit. You can experiment. You can throw it to the market to innovate. You can throw it to the memosphere to innovate, and believe me, it will. In fact it already is.

With Nukes, you’re stuck with an expensive, dangerous, wasteful monolythic system for 50 years. How many generations after that your children will be paying for your waste, is unknown. Nuke waste in the UK currently costs the taxpayer a billion GBP a year, every year, indefinately.

The non-nuclear-proliferation of sane-energy is going to happen whether the old-guard like it or not. People are already doing it. You can’t stop the memosphere. The memosphere will route-around, undercut and render obsolete, everything that stands in its way. What has happened to the music industry is going to happen to every single industry that doesn’t crowd-source intelligence.

The question is, whether you’re going to piss hundreds of billions up the wall building an expensive, secretive, dangerous, polluting, legacy-system controlled by greedy, lying old men in your back yard as well.

So instead of (cough) “investing” hundreds of billions in nuke, why not invest it in these:Algae based biofuels.


Reverse genome-sequencing… synthetic life creating biofuels from a C02 feedstock.

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