Anything you can do, we can do better : Supercars

Saw this recently

Jeremy Clarkson. Bit of a duffer, but never mind about that… he reviews an electric car and it GOES LIKE THE CLAPPERS but breaks down a couple of times.
“Show-stopper” thunk-he, but not so we-geek folk, for we recognise these problems for what they are, for we have encountered them many times, and for many of us they are in fact our stock in trade. They’re bugs.

And you can overcome bugs. What you can’t overcome are legacy systems, and the internal combustion engine and the entire industrial-era, production-line infrastructure are legacy systems. Lets face it, the internal combustion engine probably isn’t going to get a lot better – well, not in the way that everything to do with electricity seems to do. If that car was an internal combustion engine, we’d know that it’s pretty much the same as the last one, but with a slightly different shape. With an electric, we know that it’s just the beginning.

It is a minor worry of course that a more or less established car company could create a production car that’s still breaking down all over the place, but then what do they expect if it’s not open-sourced? If it’s not open-sourced, it hasn’t been tested properly…

… which brings me to item two which is this:

which is a design cooked up for Local Motors which is the closest I’ve seen to open-source car design… and it’s incredibly cool.

They’re coming from all the right directions… eco-conscious, locally produced, small-productions etc… and in the face of the massive “Big Three” fiasco, it all seems incredibly obvious now – well it does to me, but check out the designs…

OMG. Oh, Em, Gee… This is all we’ve ever wanted. Space ships. Just give us space ships.

edit : although it now appears that certain parts of the review were somewhere south of honest

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