Robotic Wanking Machine


This is pretty cool – it’s using an Occulus-Rift for the visuals, and a horizontal delta-arm setup, which has got to be an improvement on the normal cartesian-gantry system than CNC machines generally use. What it lacks in build-chamber size, it probably makes up for with resolution, which is around 100μm.

You could probably hook it up with something like this:

Which is an EEG sensor connected to an smartphone that detects when you’re interested in something… and if you are, it videos it. I quite like this because the EEG interface is kindof minimal – compared to the usual sort of thing.


which is a massive hassle, believe you me.

Anyway, you could hook the delta machine up to an EEG machine to control it, leaving both hands free to… erm… do a rubicks cube, or knit or something. Some sort of hobby.