More Wooden Pixels

Marvellous. I like wooden pixels.

1) wooden pixels.

By Han Lee, who also did the music… mainly seems to do digital stuff – website, but actual physical reality is a whole lot more interesting – even if it isn’t immediately apparent what it’s actually for. It does have to be for anything man. It just is. Not dissimilar to yourself in a lot of ways. I mean what are YOU actually for? Hmm? Yea, exactly. Fuck all.

Started out with lego versions

Still not entirely sure how it’s done – the lego ones are servos… wooden, I’m not so sure. I’d do it with linear actuators or whatever they’re called. Solenoids. That would make the entire thing cost about 320 dollars minimum though. Maybe I should try rolling my own. I’ve been thinking about making my own guitar pickups for a while now. Same thing innit.