Micro Laser Cutter



That’s pretty cool – uses the motors / shafts out of CD/DVD players. I knew they’d be useful for something.

I have this nagging suspish that this setup (or something like it) might have real-world laser-cutter applications – because (unlike a CNC mill) you’re not having to lug around a giant router – all you’re moving is a set of mirrors or a fibre.

They’re flogging it on ebay – bidding at £360 so far, which is quite a lot I think, but it a neat little critter.

Not the first by the looks – there’s another one on Instructables

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about laser-cutters though… it’s get the most powerful laserbeam you possibly can. 90% of fuckups happen because it hasn’t cut all the way through… so what you’d be wanting, is one of these, but with a 100w, 1.5 metre long tube. Anything worth doing, is worth over-doing.