When Fart-Bots Attack!


Apparently you can rent them from here.

Looks like a line-following bot, which (I’m guessing) has a manual override for when an intruder is detected… or maybe the charge-n-gas behaviour is automatic as well. That’s a recipe for fuckup… and what happens when one bot meets another? There’s a fart-fight, that’s what. It doesn’t bear thinking about. It’d be like Robot-Wars, fought exclusively below the belt, as it were.

The company seems to be Japanese, but in New Zealand? That’s an odd place to be. The Tyranny of Distance is still alive and well. Everything takes twice as long when you’re this far away.


Still… good to see they’ve used a proper sci-fi font. Babylonian Industrial? – the same font they use on Babylon 5. Well… close. Different S.