The Drone Arms Race cont…

New bits and pieces…

Protest Drone shot down by Animal Cruelty Lovers


4th time apparently… and something we’ll probably see a lot more of… with police ignoring the downing of any drones other than their own. Shooting down a police drone will be viewed with the same gravity as shooting at the police themselves, because this is 100% top-down fighting against bottom-up. Hierarchy against network.

Likewise, the ban on killer robots that Human Rights Watch are campaigning for will only become “an issue” for Nato, when it finds itself in an Agincourt situation, where it’s aircraft carriers become vulnerable to swarms of uber-cheap kamikaze-bots.

Cynical? Moi?

Don’t blame me, I just watched my pathetic puppet/clown of a PM promising Obama that he’ll try to push through TPP… you know, the deal negotiated in secret that sells us out to foreign copy-monopoly colonists.