Sure enough… the Kickstarter Model Escape that I was on about recently has escaped in earnest… with the site-software being open-sourced : SelfStarter… and huge kudos to them for that… they deserve every penny of the $2 million dollars that Lockitron has pulled down… so far.

Runs on Ruby on Rails, which is faintly annoying… PHP maybe a bit rickety, but at least everyone uses it. It would also appear (therefore) that my theories about the whole thing being based on Bootcamp were like… wrong… although they do look very similar. Maybe I’ll get the thing running then reverse-engineer it for PHP. Looks pretty simple.

It uses Amazon alas, but there are apparently a couple of other options, so it isn’t a US-Only affair, which is the 2nd-Worst thing about Kickstarter.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out… the thing about creating completely uncurated ecosystems is that you get weeds and parasites. You get things that wouldn’t ordinarily grow… you get things that specifically target the medium because they’re not allowed to grow anywhere else. You get things who’s appeal is based on the fact that they’re not allowed to grow anywhere else.

I’m talking about 3D printed weapons. And porn, and drug-stuff, and heresy and witchcraft and perpetual-motion-machines and Nigerian scams and… the collective desperation of poverty-stricken existence breaking upon the golden shores of California… from within, from without. Stuff doesn’t get interesting until you leave a door open for evil. Evil is the Intel Inside.

Hate to write a post without having at least one picture… so…

Acoustic Bar Codes