I don’t really want to go on about this, because I’m against Apple on principle, because they’re trying to create an internet within an internet that they have top-down control of – and that is evil, and dangerous. This little trinket however is possibly of such import, that it would be remiss to ommit it. It’s also (I think) part of a tectonic flow of events, possibly towards The Rapture Of The Nerds…

…because I keep an eye on these things… and we all know that technology is speeding up, but in the last 3 months or so, I’m getting the very definate impression that it’s made a quantum leap of sorts. It’s sped up a lot.

Of course things didn’t really start fucking up until 2012 when the Siris all started talking to each other.

Add this to the previous theme where smartphones are detachable heads for robots – and you’ve got a robot with AI. It’s not just something that can vaccuum your floor or do remote surveillance, it can also provide advice and information, with a particularly profound bias towards finding something that you can “buy nearby”. Because it has memorised your proximity to every advertiser, and that is how it makes money.

It’s like a born again christian, but instead of every conversation eventually being about Jesus, every conversation is eventually winds round to “a store near you”.

And of course I’m only really interested in it once it’s been open-sourced.