Micro Graffiti Building Art

This is cool.

It’s this guy from Berlin, who turns rectangular street things into little building with graffiti stencils

Quite detailed etc…

And sometimes they cover entire blocks


Which is from Weburbanist.com

He’s also done an underground version, which is so cool I can hardly stand it…



Which is also from Weburbanist.com

I like a bit of art me.

There’s a video in the first link of an art exhibition opening with his stuff… I don’t know about exhibition openings… I find them incredibly stressful. “so many people that I have not been able to see the pictures, which was dreadful, or so many pictures that I have not been able to see the people, which was worse“, as Oscar Wilde once said to me. When I find myself in an exhibition-opening scenario, it becomes clear within about 14 seconds that I have 2 options;

1) to leave immediately
2) to (quickly) get drunk enough to cope with other people

Normally I do the latter. Then I can get into the spirit of things. This involves a quick spin round the walls, looking at the art (“yep, nope, yep, like that, nope, nope, yep, nope nope”), and then I spend the rest of the time seeing if there’s anyone there I’m in love with.

In the video above, I’m in love with this one:

The one in the background etc. You don’t get women like that around here. Small town NZ? Forget it. They only hang out in big cities… in this particular case, looking at art that resembles tiny cities. That’s what I live in. One of those little buildings, trapped etc, in a mundane, circular existence dominated by TV and whatnot. There she is, out there in reality, while I’m trapped in here, pixelated. Looking out through the window of the internet.


That bloke in the foreground is a bit annoying. Still… he does provide cover I suppose. Someone to pretend I’m talking to…

… actually I think she’s got that whole Golden-Mean thing going on… yea… check it out…

I knew there had to be a rational explanation for it.

I’ve got to get out of here man.