Geeks Without Frontiers


If this does what I think it does, it will “become” the internet… especially if it can be combined with the 60 mile radius wifi thing I was on about the other day.

Not quite there yet though… New Zealand is still at the mercy of two wires… One to Aus, one to the US. We’re still at the mercy of those single points of failure. The video goes on about power and node outages… entirely benign and non-threatening, but let’s state the obvious here – we need to do this because our governments, and the corporations that are increasingly running them are neither honest nor competent enough to control the flow of information.

We specifically need free information to protect ourselves from our own institutions.

That said, the funding seems to be corporate – I instantly distrust anything “philanthropic” (we covered the morality of that one about 100 years ago… though people seem to have forgotten), and I definitely distrust anything with the word “Foundation” in the name.

Still, the internet was largely invented by the military, so what do I know. It looks like they’ve got code here – I’ll try to figure it out later… see if I can get it to go.