Edible RFIDs

This one is from a while back… where someone on my twitter feed said that this was the worst idea ever… but I actually think it’s quite good.

NutriSmart from HannesRemote on Vimeo.


Everything about this video it total bollocks… apart from the possibility of quantifying and monitoring what we actually eat – because let’s face it, we simply cannot be arsed writing this stuff down. Once it becomes “data” though… once it becomes a software-problem… then we can easily see that we’re down on zinc, or consistently feel shit the day after we eat a McDuck Burger. Similar to home-automation etc… I think there’s a massive win in simply measuring what is happening. Simply having an overall picture makes optimising behaviour a natural reaction.

Real-time health-monitoring is on its way – probably all via smart-phones. An RSS-feed of what your body is actually going through… and this is an easy way of doing the food-part – or at least it would be, it fall food producers would do it, which they won’t because there would be a massive consumer backlash… even though the rfid tags are probably a whole lot less damaging than the bovine growth-hormone that we merrily ingest without even caring. Even though we do sort of know about it. A bit.

And don’t care. See if you can sit through this

That, my friends, is a hallmark of an empire in decline.

Illness as “extreme”-sport.

I think that a basic health-care package should include an annual, compulsory, overnight stay in a cancer ward. Just so you know what it’s like.