At Night We’d Ride Through Mansions of Glory

If they’ve spent as much time on the website as they have on the machine, this one’s probably a goer. (Word to the wise: don’t use flash. Just. Don’t)

Still… beautiful

Particularly gorgeous wooden propeller. They should make the whole thing out of wood – like a Mosquito back in the day. Carbo-fibre is so last-season.

What could possibly go wrong?

The specs are reasonably impressive:

Airspeed Vne – 150 KIAS (untested)
Hover (out of ground effect) – >10,000ft (estimated)
Dry weight – 110kg
Max gross weight – 270kg
Total thrust – 295kg
Engine – 80kw @ 7500rpm

Bit suspish about “dry weight”… when the “wet” part of the wet-weight is largely blood I suspect… contained within a single human, with a motor-bike helmet on its head. Blood and petrol.

I imagine it’s probably the loudest thing in christendom as well – like a jetski that is so loud that it’s actually able to leave the water. That sort of thing. Good for search and rescue.

I don’t think they’ve actually managed to fly it properly yet. Looks like a goer – I’d buy one. Probably. If I had, like $45000 and a HELL of a lot of bubblewrap.

Ideally what I’d want I think is one of these some how merged into a zorb.

Although even a zorb couldn’t survive a fall from 10,000 ft. So I’d have a zorb inside a bigger zorb… and maybe another one beyond that.