Brain car

God I miss German Hipsters


You don’t really get hipsters around here. You get the opposite of whatever a hipster is – which is bad.

Anyway, these ones are driving a car with their minds, which is cool. Seems kindof limited though – as an interface. Like talking a dog. Up. Down. Roll-over. Fetch etc. Who’d have thought brains would be so primitive. There’s got to be a better way. I think the problem is that conciously, we think in language and language is kindof waffly. It’s main purpose is talking to other humans and dogs. There isn’t a single thought that can say “make a 23 degree left curve, accelerating so the centrifugal pull gently increases to about .5 of a g, then gently declines to zero again as we pull out of the curve after about 30 metres.

But you can with direct brain-motor-coordination.

I kindof get a feeling that this stuff won’t really take off until nanotech gets underway, which allow us to make distributed neural laces composed of loads of tiny mesh-networked sensors like the one I was on about a couple of days ago.

Because I’m danged if I’m going to have a jack plugged into my spinal column.