Micro WAAI


Like the one off Minority Report with the little ferrety chap in it who jumps up and down on the sofa, then hides in the cupboard and talks to imaginary aliens. Thought it was a stupid idea then, think it’s a stupid idea now.



…except, except…

It does mean that you can effectively shrink interface size to zero. Right now we’re kindof limited by the size of our clumpy washer-woman hands, like bunches of bananas etc. Sure we’ve experimented with styli etc – but they’ve never really worked terribly well because we keep losing the styli – and it still needs to be a styli-writeble sized thing. I had one of the first digital watches with a calculator (that needed stylus) once. In 1979. See


That’s me in 1984, standing “in” the back lawn of a house I actually owned. Everything has gone down-hill like fuck since then. I worked out today that my free-lance-web-development activities are actually earning me less than minimum wage. What did you think Gen-Xers were going to do? Sell out?

You can click on a the picture for a bigger version. I’m so fucked up now I don’t even recognise that as being me. I suppose it must have been. Nice looking young guy. Could be anyone.

Still – that watch is 5 years old at the time of photographing… which is another weird thing. Who the fuck has a digital device that’s 5 years old any more? None of them last that long.

But enough about me, back to the WAAI (ahem) And then there’s RSI of course – and I do suffer from that a bit… so it would be good for that, but I think the killer app with WAAIs might be the ability to shrink the device to the size of a breadcrumb – assuming it can project an image as well. In the future it’s going to be impossible not to cheat in exams.