Fantastic Robo-flower things

Oribotics [the future unfolds] from Matthew Gardiner on Vimeo.

Coming via Ponoko etc… fantastic robo-flowers from Aus, that respond to the presence of people etc, mainly Australians.

People like Julian Assange and Rolf Harris – the latter of which is trending on twitter, then former who isn’t – even though he’s just been arrested and the twittosphere is talking about him even more than it was talking about the Iranian thing a while back when the US state-department asked twitter to delay maintenance-downtime for the good of… what exactly? I seem to remember it being all very worthy, full of lofty ideals etc.

I need to take a day off from this wikileaks stuff. I guess Julian does as well.

You fuckers better be gentle with him because the whole world is watching you… and in the meantime, wikileaks will keep on publishing. We all will. History is not written by victors, it’s written by writers.