Holographic Decaf

I don’t even know what this is

I know exactly what that is – that’s everything that’s wrong with the “pop” industry (is it even an industry any more? I mean what does it actually fucking do?) turned past 11 into some empty virtual guitar-hero void where rather than participating people are relegated to… what? Leek-waving. That’s what is says in the comments… the light-sticks are leeks.

These leeks

that I was going on about in 2009. I suppose it’s a bit like Damon’s thing with the Gorillas, and I’m assuming that at least part of the audience is just as digitised as the thing on the stage – assuming that’s there at all… and the whole thing isn’t just CGI

Once again I’m late to the party – this has been seen about a million times, and there are loads of different songs on youtube.

I don’t know why I’m hostile to this… but you know… I’m not one of those people who’s all neato, neato at every new… you know… “product”. I’ve had enough of fucking products. You can take all your products and stick them up your arse. All your fucking “Brands”. Piss off.

I think it’s because people are being led around like sheep – all baaing in unison… it’s very much a top-down thing… any memetic spin-offs of this from the great unwashed are going to be well and truly shite (I can see them now, and If I had the stomach to try, I could… they’ll already be on youtube), because… well, it’s fanfic art before it’s even started. The only thing good about it is that it’s an extension of the Manga tradition – and even that may be over-rated… now that I think about it.

But… you know… what is real?

Dunno… but it’s something we need to keep stabbing at, because that’s the essence of art. To bear witness.