I am Borgish


I don’t know who this guy is, or what he’s doing, but he’s brilliant in every conceivable way.


You can read about him here and here.

Mind you, you’d need to have some pretty awesome skillz to not feel like a total twonklet wearing that eye-bluetooth thing… but if you’re anything like me, you feel like a total twonklet most of the time anyway, so what difference would it make? Maybe you ARE a twonklet? A Borg Twonklet. Maybe we all are. Already. Maybe we’ve already been assimilated.

It’s growing outwards in all directions. We’re evolving so fast we don’t know who we are any more, but… it all feels kindof normal – apart from this vague sense of encroaching disenfranchisement, combined with a sort of detached foreboding. Not so much “We are Borg” as “Everyone is Borg Except Me”.

Which would be just typical.