Reprap: The Ninja-like Cunning of the Bleedin Obvious

Further to my vague, nagging suspish, that the main use of repraps is printing other reparaps…

Julian has started selling sets of parts on ebay – the Uni machines, at cost (£40). This initial one is auctioned, and his home machine(s) will be put to work, auctioning.

The bid price has gone up to £250 in 2 days (it’ll go higher) – which (by my 2-mile-an-hour, pea-brained reckoning) is a profit of around 400% (which isn’t bad)… and it also includes the plea, that you build them and sell your parts on ebay as well.

I think there’s something to be said about having a direct-descendant of the original machine. I mean a Chinese factory could wack these out for less than a dollar each, but where’s the story in that?

Still… buy yourself one on Ebay. Replicate, Replicate, Replicate, Replicate (so now you have 16 of them)… and have them working round the clock, selling the parts on Ebay.

Any why stop there? Breed them with The Machine To Deceive and Slaughter, and get them to sell their children on Ebay themselves.