Moon Unit

Because if there’s one thing that geeks truly love, it’s designs for moon-bases.


Absolutely Brilliant.

It’s from Holland… it says

“Wie op de maan woont is niet gebonden aan kamers of zelfs maar wanden. Een enkele gesloten bol voor ruimtes waar privacy gewenst is, volstaat. Verder kunnen de bewoners in een volledig vrije ruimte leven.

Dat is althans de visie van Royal Haskoning Architecten voor een villa op de maan. Deze ontwikkelde het bureau voor het februarinummer van het populair-wetenschappelijke maandblad Quest.”

Which in English means

“Check out this totally brilliant moon-base. It’s got proper 1970s spherical chairs that when lined up with the bedroom door, make a happy/bonkers face. It’s got a gym, A BAR and a bath where you can look up and see the stars.

Mind you… the bath seems to be see-through and sunk into the floor, so people sitting in the living room will have your bare arse looming above them, and we’re not sure about the weeds hanging from the ceiling – looks like Spanish Moss… a bit horror-show. Still… a really nice touch is having a special bedroom in the basement away from the rest of the family, where your stroppy teenage offspring can sit in the dark and listen to goth music all day and all night, and communicate with their friends in a language that consists entirely of abbreviations and acronyms”

The Moon. Brilliant. We were promised the moon back in the 70s. That’s why we made those spherical chairs.


You can get them with teeth now as well.


Although personally I think I’d go for one of the hanging ones with a gold bean-bag in it


So you could spin round and round until you can’t tell which way is up any more, and simulate the experience of actually BEING in space. In the 1970s.