Dresden Gigapixel

This is the most incredible photograph that I’ve seen in my life


It’s a 26 giga-pixel photograph of Dresden, taken over 90 hours by a robot.

Check out the ferris wheel on the far left… then zoom slightly to the left… two people on bikes on a cycle-path next to a river…. then zoom right back to the starting point. In the hotel in the foreground, you can zoom right in to a bloke leaning out the window, waving. It reminds me of Pieter Bruegel for some reason.

Blows my mind. I don’t know what this is a significator of, but I know it’s a significator of something.

Something to do with Immersion. The ability to zoom almost infinitely. Pity it takes so long to shoot – imagine being able to do it in real-time. All I’d need would be the ambient noise over headphones, and a smellovision plugin blowing the moderately polluted Eastern Germanic air…