A Holy Crap moment courtesy of Microsoft

Now I hate Microsoft as much as the next man. They invented Internet Explorer, which has wasted years of my life, and have actively funded legal attacks on Open-Source Software, upon which my livelihood depends.

They are everything that is evil in proprietariness, closed-systems, abusive business practices etc etc… as far as I’m concerned they gave up their moral right to exist a long long time ago.

That said, this is quite cool…

Could be a real world-beater. It’s like a Kindle that can do more than one thing… though I’m guessing MS will lock it up the same way Kindles are locked up, so we’ll only see really interesting stuff happen once someone’s broken the DRM… which Microsoft will fight with their billion dollar legal war-chest etc etc.

Gizmodo reckon this is a real device… rather than a movie of a pretend device.

Q: Why do I think it will be big?
A: Because filofaxes were big.

Q: That’s a crap reason.
A: Yea… it is isn’t it? Maybe people will use them on the train or whatever.

Q: Would you buy one?
A: No.

Q: Even if there was a linux version?
A: Nah, probably not. I’ve got a little notepad thing and I never use it.

Q: What would it need to have for you to buy one?
A: A thing for jacking directly into my spinal column.

Q: What, you’d jack microsoft software straight into your spinal column? Are you mad? You’d have a brain-crash. Your face would turn blue with loads of meaningless gibberish written in white letters all over it.
A: If it was linux I mean.

And so on.